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King's Valley Labyrinth Board Game in QB64 - Donald Foster - 04-18-2015 01:10 AM

Hello Everyone,

I have assembled 2 board games into 1 game that shares the same rules. First, King's Valley was introduced in 2006, has a 5X5 game board, 1 King piece and 4 Soldier pieces. King's Valley Labyrinth (2014) is an extension of King's Valley with a larger 7X7 and redesigned board, 6 Soldiers and with 4 Pillars added to the board.

The object is to be the first player to move their King piece to the center of the board.

All pieces move up, down, right, left and diagonally until reaching the edge of the board, other pieces, or pillars, without stopping mid travel. Only the King is allowed to land in the center of the board. The Pillars acts as blocks to limit piece movement. The 2 player's Kings are 2 different shapes, but I was not happy with one of the shapes I tried to make. So I made both kings the same shape but different colors.

Controls: use ARROW KEYS to move the Cursor, ENTER to choose a Piece or Location and BACKSPACE to select a different Piece.

I have included a copy of the Rules.

Hope you enjoy playing.