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Point-Blank Board Game in QB64 - Donald Foster - 05-19-2015 10:53 PM

Hello all,

Point-Blank Board Game is a 2 player board game. It is played on a 6 X 6 game board. Each player has 18 octagon shaped pieces of their color. Each Player starts off placing one of their piece on any empty location on the board. The pieces has an arrow pattern on it which can be positioned in any of the 8 directions. The arrow points to the location on the board they wish to reserved for their next piece to be played.
Pieces can go off one side of the board and come back on the other side, but not diagonally. Pieces can not be played in their opponent's reserved location and 2 players can not the same location. The loser is the player who can not place another piece on the board.

Controls: use ARROW Keys to move the cursor to ENTER to select a board location and pieces.

I have included a copy of the Rules.

Hope you enjoy playing.