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Quarto! Board Game in QB64 - Anthony.R.Brown - 06-13-2015 12:44 PM

Hi Donald

Yes! another nice Game I have never heard of (And I am a Games Person!) Sad

Regarding making the A.I for it I like the idea but time is a thing at the moment because My A.R.B Chess has been published a few times and I am busy Correcting People because they don't know exactly how to play it! it looks Simple Sad but like all Simple things there is more to it than how it looks!
I have been asked to put forward a "How to play the System" which is something I have been considering for a while by putting Various Explanation articles all into one article and maybe even a book! at the moment I am waiting to get My Free copy of a Famous Chess Periodical because they are publishing My System and offered the Free copy to me,then I can have a good look at it and hopefully send out some kind of appraisal for the Version as being Correct ?
So for the moment Donald I will have to put that on hold! plus as I said to you before I have invented a Fantastic Board game Myself which I believe will be made into a New World Wide played game in Tournaments Etc. like Chess,Go,Checkers ,and I would like you to do the Graphics for it,We can work together on Both Games My A.I for your Graphics Smile I will let you know when I have more time for both.