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Connect Four in QB64 - Donald Foster - 06-20-2014 09:28 PM

Hi Donald,

You have wrote some Cool Games! Maybe yo would like to get involved with My QBASIC CHESS 2014:

Graphics are One of My weaknesses take a look at the link above! Smile


I actually started making a chess game over 25 years ago, but never completed it. Other games took preference. 

All the board and game piece graphics I use are all hand drawn. None of them are image files loaded into the game. How ever, I have tinkered with GameMaker a little and have created sprites to use with objects in the games. 

I used mouse input in GameMaker and even did some programming in GML. But, never used any mouse input in BASIC. Until recently when I started remaking my games in QB64, none of my computer I wrote in BASIC ever had a mouse.

All the games I make are 2 or more human players. I never learned any A.I. programming and don't know how.

I am interested, but I feel I'm far out of your league to be any help to you. But let me know if you have any questions. I'll help as much as I can. Maybe in the process, I can gain some knowledge in unfamiliar areas.

Thank you for the offer.