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Connect Four in QB64 - Anthony.R.Brown - 06-21-2014 07:51 AM

Hi Donald

As I said you have made some Nice Games! I like Simple looking Games (if you don't mind Me saying Smile) that can have Very Complex Game play! it's Not! always what is on the only have to look at some Simple Math problems to know that!

I am no more Advanced than you! it's just that we have Gone into different Area's and again My weakness is Graphics and understanding how Arrays & Functions work in a Complex way!

The QBASIC CHESS 2014 is Something I have always wanted to do! it will Not! be just about getting the Program to work and look better it will be about understanding Everything that makes a Game Program work! from Start to Finish with loads of REMARKS and Clear Explanations as to what everything does.
So I will be getting Educated and hopefully Others as to How to do it... which can then be used in many other Programs! a bit like the Building Blocks of Programming!

Thank's for the Response take a look sometimes at the Project!...and Post anything you think will be helpful...I Will ask you sometimes as things Crop up! Please feel Free to do the same with Me! Smile