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The QB64 Edition
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Zombie Adventure BETA - Version 1.00 & 1.02 - Waltersmind - 11-22-2015 06:28 PM

Hello Joyful Porgrammer's!

Actually, this game is written entirely in QB64.

It uses SCREEN 12 graphics mode with a 16-color palette. Why you may ask, because we can. But even though we only have a 16-color palette, we can change any of the colors to any RGB color.

It has great background music and some cool background images. We are still working on it so the version Dave posted is a BETA version of it.

We would like to ask everyone to test the game, and give us some feed back on it. We would like to know what people think while the game is still in BETA.

Here is a list of what the game offers so far:
  • Great background music
  • A 16 True-Color color palette
  • Loading screen
  • SAVE & LOAD system
  • A health system
  • Room descriptions change as your health changes
  • The choice of eating people or not
  • Multiple endings
  • Cool backgrounds
  • Old style gaphic effects
  • Capable of using a weapon
  • Your decisions can change the outcome of the game

EDIT: (10/28/16)

Attached to this post is an updated version of the game with a *.PDF that contains a map to the game.

Here are some screenshots as well:











Walter Whitman
The Joyful Programmer