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Zombie Adventure BETA - Version 1.00 & 1.02 - Waltersmind - 12-01-2015 03:55 PM

Hello fellow Joyful Programmers,

While Dave & I work hard at perfecting, "Zombie Adventure: Search for Genesis", a group of people on YouTube decided to make a video that not only talks about our BETA version we released for everyone to check out our progress so far, but they actually play the game through. It is a bit embarrassing at moments when they come across a room that is missing some verbiage, or areas that are not finished, but at least they realize it is only a BETA version and not the final version.

I thought I would shared this hour long video with the community:

I really hope this demonstrates some detail of what it is like to create a computer game, and how it feels when the world reviews your work. I know it scared me to start watching it, as I expected the worst.

Walter Whitman
a.k.a. Waltersmind
The Joyful Programmer