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Othello in QB64 - Donald Foster - 07-31-2014 09:00 PM

Very Nice Donald Wink

Can your Version Beat other Versions of Othello ?

I wouldn't say they beat other versions, many of them use A.I. and mine is a two player game. This version was reproduced from the Tandy 2000 listing I wrote over 25 years ago. It is a quick mock up and some features I made in the original game is not completed yet. 

I originally wrote this on the TRS-80 Model 4 over 30 years ago and did not use a cursor an arrow keys. Instead it used letters and numbers representing board positions. And was in B&W.

After I finish making the rest of my games, I planning a version 2 of this game that uses a mouse to select and animated sprite graphics to add appeal to the game. The pieces will be animated flipping from one side of the piece to the other side. Actually I was going to try the animated pieces with this version, but I wanted to quickly get it done and this version is more true to the way it was made on the Tandy 2000.

Thank you for checking it out Anthony. Rolleyes