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Connect Four in QB64 - Donald Foster - 06-15-2014 05:15 PM

Here is my connect Four game in QB64. It is a 2 player game. Game controls: Number keys to select desired column and press ENTER to place piece on board.

I originally wrote it close about 30 years ago on the TRS-80 Model 4 using ASCII character set for graphics. The Model 4 used a B&W monitor. High Resolution Graphics were available as a option to purchase for it. I never bought it, but wish I did.

When I purchased the Tandy 2000 in late 1986, Connect Four was the first game I wrote on it in High Resolution Color Graphics in GW-BASIC. There was an option to buy a Compiler BASIC, but I never did. Running the game in the BASIC interpreter, my wife liked that, watching the board and pieces being drawn onto the screen.

A few months ago I stated getting back into programming after a 20 year break. QB64 is the perfect language to come back with and remake my games again, so I can play them again and on newer computer systems. And so I can share my games with others to enjoy as well.

I posted this game in forum and wanted to share it here also. I enjoy receiving comments and suggestions about my games. So, if you try my games, please leave comment. Just keep in mind that I originally write it about 30 years ago and my goal is to reproduce my games as close to as they were originally done within reason. I have made some improvements on the games, because I have more colors to work with.