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Overboard Board Game in QB64 - Anthony.R.Brown - 08-19-2014 07:50 AM


I love your A.I. challenge! I will have to think about that one for awhile, as I might be able to help you push the contests.

Great idea as always my friend! Keep them coming!

Walter Whitman
The Joyful Programmer

That's Great Walter...

What I will do when I have an actual working version of the Game I have invented is make a YouTube Video on My site showing how to Play the Game plus make a Thread all about Playing the game and the A.I Challenge Rules Etc.
As I said at first I would like to keep My Code Secret for a while...and Challenge people to make their own Version of the Game to Play against mine (Live!) Within the Game Thread!
The Games could be Played at different Speeds Between (10 - 60) Seconds Average per Move to keep the time involved manageable!
Cheating would be Ruled out! and I am Sure Not! a Problem on this Honest Site! Smile But also because all Game output could be logged and later if the Need be the Games could be Duplicated by the Programs involved to see if they actually Play the Moves!