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Monopoly, a work in progress... - Kobolt - 09-06-2014 03:55 PM

Well here is a prototype copy of Monopoly I've been working on for a while now, this is just the startup of the game, title screens, number of players, human or computer controlled, name, game icon, game options. Its not quite to the point of being able to be played just yet. right now the keys that are used are ENTER, ESC, and the arrow keys. this will eventually be customizable. however using the ENTER key to step past the title screens can cause it to skip the number of players screen. this is an issue that I(along with others) have been battling with for some time in QB64. something to do with the KEYHIT buffer we believe.[attachment=250][attachment=251]

Monopoly64.rar - compiled version, contains the EXE and DAT file

Monopoly64SOURCE.rar- this is the source files for monopoly that have been finished or are currently being
                                 finished. there are several core functions for the actual game play that have not been
                                 added to this as of yet (this includes most of the stuff that STxAxTIC helped me with)
                                 these will come to be added as the game play portion is in development. QB64 GL will
                                 be needed to compile these(may work with the SDL version but I haven't tried it yet)