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Splatter Art with Martin Fractals - Waltersmind - 10-09-2014 03:18 PM


There really isn't any complex math being used in this project. Here is the math behind it:

Code Snippet: [Select]
        PlotPoint XOld2 * Scale + CenterX, YOld2 * Scale + CenterY, Colr

        XNew = YOld - SGN(XOld) * SQR(ABS(ParamB * XOld - ParamC))
        YNew = ParamA - XOld

        XNew2 = (YOld2 - SIN(XOld2) * SIN((ParamB * XOld + ParamC))) * 0.999995
        YNew2 = ParamA - XOld2

        XOld2 = XNew2
        YOld2 = YNew2

        XOld = XNew
        YOld = YNew

There are some multiplications, Additions, subtractions, a SQR(), a SGN(), and two SIN() functions.

If you think that is cool, check out the other fractal demo I posted. It is identical except with some minor changes in the algorithm.

Walter Whitman
The Joyful Programmer