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Monopoly, a work in progress... - Kobolt - 10-10-2014 12:30 AM

Well it took a little longer than I had hoped but here is a test run through the game setup options. everything 'should' work, there is some animations I just realized I've forgotten and the Load Custom Game option is on the back burner for the moment. the keys are Enter & Esc (arrow keys too) but their usage is a little erratic, sometimes the enter is A and sometime its B, I'll get it straightened out later.  This gets you right up to the point of being able to play, the next screen basically tells the player who goes first. Play around with it see if you can get some bugs to rear their ugly heads. There maybe some range checking thats been left out (concerning the houses and hotels, may go negative but I'm pretty sure its range checked.) and error messages, when placeing houses\hotels, aren't setup to display yet. This is mainly dealing with trying to put too many houses on a set of properties or too many hotels. At the moment it will simply skip not telling you that it was an illegal action, it wont place the houses or hotels though(least it shouldn't).

the RAR file contains an exe if you just want to give it a whirl, and it has the source too if you just want to get a headache!. everything should work, but those tend to be last words... Tongue

'----------edit 13-Oct-2014---------
included some minor bug fixes and an information screen at start up describing what keys are used.
'----------edit 09-DEC-2014---------
way behind due to some rewriting to fix some ugly bugs and allow for sounds! but I am still working on it!