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Exit Board Game in QB64 - Donald Foster - 12-02-2014 04:47 PM

Hi Anthony,

Actually most of my board games I lost when my mom sold here house. They were boxed up in her attic and I didn't get a chance to rescue them I in time. I lost several dozen board games including Exit.

I did write a Battleship and a Stratego game about 30 years ago on my TRS-80 Model 4. I always wanted to, back then, was to buy a second Model 4, put them back to back and connect them with a null modem. I want to rewrite them in QB64 making a network or internet game of them. I'll need to find some tutorials or examples and play around with them.

I'm thinking of making Cube Checkers next. I have the actual board game and never written it before. I t[/url]hink you'll like it and it's a fun game to play.


[Image: pic333402_md.jpg]

Thank you Anthony for your comments and suggestions. I enjoy writing my games and sharing them with others.