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Waltersmind's - Full Color Animated LED Sign - Donald Foster - 01-31-2015 10:26 PM


That was a great tutorial. I did work with the program a little last night. I changed the message and re-centered it.

I haven't been using 32 bit colors because 256 works ok for me, but I did try using it and had problems. I tried assigning the colors to variables, but got errors. I think that the variables needed to be LONG. I didn't know that at the time. I use screen mode _NEWIMAGE because it allows me to custom size the windows. I know at some point I'll need to switch to 32 bit. I tried saving, loading and displaying images, but was not successful. I even asked for help through the QB64 forum on loading and displaying images in 256 mode, but I got no help that worked for me. Maybe it's not possible to do that in 256 mode. Maybe if I need a little help when I bring it back out, I may ask you for some help.

I have a puzzle game I started a little while ago that will save an image then reloads it back into the game. re-sizes it and then displays it. after have no luck getting help in 256 mode, I put it on the back burner worked on other projects. But the sign has inspired me to want to some day bring it back out get it working, even if I have to do it in 32 bit mode.

I the mean time, I've learned a little more on the DRAW statement. Back when I made my games in GW-BASIC, TA and P was not not included. Menn at QB64 forum help to learn some new techniques. And steve also tried to help with explaining some TRIG statements which I new learned. These forums has some very talented people who shares a lot of knowledge gives a lot of help.