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Score Four in QB64 - Donald Foster - 06-15-2014 08:54 PM


Score Four Board Game is a 2 player game. controls: Use Letters & Numbers to choose a Peg to place your bead and press ENTER. Press BACKSPACE will allow you to move the cursor to previous selection position.

Score Four is the first new game I wrote on the Tandy 2000 over 25 years ago, that I hadn't already wrote on the Model 4.

I write my games in QB64 on my laptop with a wide screen. However I setup the window size to be able to play on CRT monitors.

I have included rules to play this game. In the rules, there is a point system. When I originally wrote this game, I didn't know about a point system. The game gives you a choice to play in Normal play or Extended play. In normal play, the first player to get 4 in a row wins the game. In extended play, the play with the most 4 in a rows when all the pegs are filled wins.

If you download and play the game, please leave comments and suggestions. Hope you enjoy playing.