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Can Anyone Break this Code I Invented :) 18-06-2015
06-23-2017, 02:37 PM
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RE: Can Anyone Break this Code I Invented :) 18-06-2015
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RE: Can Anyone Break this Code I Invented Smile 18-06-2015
Nice bplus, real nice. If only Anthony were here to... nvm.


Credit goes to tsh73 and sbmeTW at JB forum who did the real work of reducing 7 letter word with repeating letters at positions place (tsh73) and actually discovering and describing the coding method (sbmeTW). I just had more information than they.  I did take a wild guess at WALTER early on but could not confirm it until much later with sbmeTW code description.

WALTER was easy guess considering Anthony's previous loyalty and love for this forum as seen in Hacking Board when he thought Walter and forum being attacked by the other forum.

It explains Anthony's extreme bitterness now after these relationships went to hell. Sad

When I saw Anthony's actual coding method, I was impressed, it was an interesting idea. I have to say, all those 0's and 1's were off putting until (again) I saw the actual coding method.

I still say he is bluffing about being able to distinguish one letter from the next in his "hard" format. So a mystery still remains...  Wink

B += _
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06-23-2017, 02:50 PM
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RE: Can Anyone Break this Code I Invented :) 18-06-2015
Yes, it is ashame that Anthony is no longer with us here to let us know if bplus is correct or not.

Anthony broke the rules of the Terms & Condtions of this forum, and after he refused my many requests to speak with me about the situation, I was forced to put his account on moderation for one month. This was to prevent any negative posts from Anthony to be made public. With his account in moderation, I would have to read all his new posts to make sure they did not break the rules of this forum, before I allowed or denied them.

Anthony, however, became even more enraged and demanded in vulgar language that I unmoderate his posting abilities. I told him numerest times that he needed to speak with me in a civil tongue and not threaten me, we could clear this issue up so things could go back to normal, but he continued to ignore me.

Then Anthony started posting a lot of strange, hateful, threatening, and totally insane posts at another programming forum, and I responded accordingly. However, I still could not get Anthony to speak with me in a civil tongue, and when we were asked by another member to stop the drama, I quickly apologized and ceased all contact with Anthony on that forum. At that moment, I realized that Anthony was attempting to cause issues for this community, or at least he thought he was, and I needed to go a step further on this forum. That is when I banned him for a month. Then he continued his wanna-be drama by impersonating me, Steve McNeil, and then fictional characters he somewhat created, trying to post crude messages as thought we said it. I then banned him for a whole year.

When Anthony couldn't get anymore of my attention over there, he thought he could get me to start posting back by making comments that my sexual orientation was something totally different. When that didn't get my attention, or at least as much of it as Anthony wanted, he started attacking another member of this forum over there. I decided real quick that he isn't a member I want on hanging around this community any longer, so I permanently banned him,

Anthony then attempted a dozen or so times to create fake accounts on this forum, with vulgar names, and I since remedied those problems as well.

I am here to keep this forum as clean and decent as possible, and I will take action against all members who break the Terms & Condtions of this forum. However, I will usually attempt to speak with such member about his actions before I will remove them completely.

All Anthony had to do is speak with me in a PM, and he would had been here like a normal member today. But he chose to take the path he took, and he now has to deal with the consequences of his actions.

I spend a lot of my own personal money to run this site and forum, as well as time and energy to maintain it, and people will abide by the Terms & Conditions I have laid out for this site. If not, then I will do what ever I need (or want) to do to fix the problem. This forum is not a democracy and I will not be told what I will and will not do on this site. I do however listen to suggestions, and if I think any of them are good enough, I might act upon them.

Also, I will appoint whomever I want to whatever position I want, and I will not explain myself to anyone. This forum is about sharing our passions in computer programming as well as any demos, and I plan on keeping the peace for that to happen. Also, I have recently started enforcing the Terms & Conditions of this forum to try to clean this place up, so please do not abuse them.

Walter Whitman

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06-23-2017, 06:50 PM (This post was last modified: 06-23-2017 08:12 PM by figosdev.)
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RE: Can Anyone Break this Code I Invented :) 18-06-2015
in the hopes that he is ready for an intellectually honest debate this time (its only been bluffs so far) ive moved the completely off-topic** post here:

i will move my reply there as well.

* *ordinarily im not a stickler about topics. but when the off-topic post is aimed mostly at me and mostly consists of insults and bluffs that go against the tos anyway, i feel the moving it is fine, since walt probably wont feel like leaving it up anyway. i could simply unapprove it-- i dont actually want to-- but i have requested that it stay up so i can challenge bill (once again!) to make a real claim. im expecting the usual excuses.
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06-23-2017, 11:54 PM
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RE: Can Anyone Break this Code I Invented :) 18-06-2015
I am a relative 'noob' to this site, and what I have been reading, I find disturbing.

I see the reactions of people who are either hurting, angry, abusive, insulting and desperate or a combination of all... The reasons, for which I have no clue nor do I wish to know them, as I am not directly involved. But, because this 'incident' has 'spilled over' into an open Forum, we all seem to be 'involved', albeit indirectly on the part of some of us, but involved none the less.

The comments made by individual(s) are made not to primarily inform but to shame and offend, and dare I say, even punish... The bitterness portrayed, in the tirade of insults, is very obvious to all that read them.

Walter is correct in stating that the Forum is 'not' a democracy. The terms & conditions, that we 'all' agreed to before becoming members, are set in place to, ensure that we as like minded 'programmers', have a safe and informative venue to share and express our ideas. We are governed by these rules and one of Admin's roles is to ensure that the rules are applied... but you already know this....

It is unfortunate that some will use a Forum to 'air their differences' that seem contrary to the aforementioned terms and conditions, and must find it no surprise to be 'warned' about their behaviour.

I do not envy the task of 'Admin' in these cases. To having to ensure 'just' privileges for all members; balance what is appropriate to communicate; always 'on guard' to protect the members from harm; to be 'fair' in all their dealings with both members and visitors alike. Not any 'easy' task. But a task non the less.

Although the 'content' of the tirade was disturbing, I found that the response by the Administration, was well handled. To quote Darth Vader; Star Was IV: A New Hope; "Impressive. Most impressive."

This noob thanks you...


May your journey be free of incident.

Live long and prosper.
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06-24-2017, 12:16 AM (This post was last modified: 06-24-2017 12:38 AM by figosdev.)
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RE: Can Anyone Break this Code I Invented :) 18-06-2015
from what ive found online johnno, the internet is like 90% people that are hurting in some way, 40+% people that are taking it out on other people, a countable number that are at least trying to be fair about it, and a tiny handful of people that are genuinely and honestly either uninterested in or unaffected by all of it.

its sort of like real life that way, except it gets in your face differently. ive personally been on both sides of it, and i *do* try to be fair. at the same time, i am constantly amazed at how up-hill it is to even say ANYTHING to almost anyone.

its less like participation and more like a hazing that goes on year after year. aurel has watched me code for A DECADE and still asks where my basic code is-- routinely. this "papers, please" model of asking people for their code year after year, when its sitting right under their noses the entire time, is ridiculous. but this is the best example.

this is the kind of "hazing" im referring to:

you go here:

look at the FIRST cite on the article:

1. Stephane Richard (2007-11-16). "In The News". PCOPY! Issue #50. Basic Programming. Archived from the original on 2009-12-21. Retrieved 2008-08-17.

now aurel, stephane richard (i always think its "richards" for some reason) and i all hung out togther a decade ago on (which is where i met bplus too, more recently.)

this? -> PCOPY! Issue #50

i started that magazine, with two people from i also left after the first issue.

but stephane (who i called myst, per his handle) told me about qb64 BEFORE IT WAS EVEN PUBLIC.

if you download qb64, youll find (little) programs i wrote in it many years ago.

and still i get treated like a "noob" a decade later.

ITS NONSENSE, johnno. its all posturing and nonsense!

there is nothing to your "credentials" no matter what you do, its just a popularity contest.

if they like you (if you kiss the right a**es) they wont ask you to prove anything.

if they dont? they will *never* *ever* stop asking, even if they were there TEN YEARS AGO when you were doing it right in front of them on the same (little!) freaking forum.

its just cliques. silly little high-school cliques.

and i get elitism AND "reverse elitism" all the time-- from one end, people who tell me i cant code and dont know how to do the things im doing-- on the other, people who tell me i dont appreciate what its like to be a noob.

well i do. wanna glimpse of the mid 80s?

^ thats the book that taught me basic as a child.

i have *fortunately* been to places that are more reasonable-- most of them are not talking about programming, but there are theories why that is that can get pretty cheap and tawdry. theyre probably part-right. please *do* send me a pm if you ever have any personal advice for me.

do i find it tiring? EXHAUSTING. it shouldnt be necessary to put up with so MUCH C***. but there are people here i like talking with. this is what i have to put up with YEAR after stinking YEAR to do that.

i do hate it. i didnt try to claim to always be above it. ive always stood up to bullies-- i think walt is like that too. in some ways a lot of the stuff aimed at him is even cheaper than what gets thrown at me.

its too bad they seem to love it whether you stand up to them or not.

the direction to avoid going in though is the "social justice warrior." militant utopians, with no sense of humour at all, nor any concept of their own shortcomings. that quickly goes too far, and sooner or later there is no internet. thats hardly a real improvement, it just drives the issues back into the shadows.

going all the way the other way and saying no one should stand up for anything seems extreme also. im not putting what you said in either of those camps-- but those seem to be two choices in now too many places online. what, no best of both worlds?
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06-24-2017, 02:45 AM
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RE: Can Anyone Break this Code I Invented :) 18-06-2015

The real issue here is that STxAxTIC, Anthony, Luke, Steve McNeil, and a few other members on this forum as well as myself all came from where we all met a few years back. There is a lot more to the back story to this, but I will not go into detail about it here.

I will say this though, STxAxTIC and Luke never act out on like they do here. They never had much respect for me, so they think they can come here and say what they want.

I will be cleaning this forum back up soon enough, so please bare with us. In the mean time, please check out all the great demos shared on the forum as there are hundreds of them.

Please help support The Joyful Programmer and The QB64 Edition by visiting our online store provided by We hand-picked books related to computer programming from and added them to our store. When you make a purchase from our store, we do receive a small commission from the sale. Visit our store at:
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06-24-2017, 03:16 AM
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RE: Can Anyone Break this Code I Invented :) 18-06-2015
hey fig
I dont know why you talking about me here...
what a heck i have with all this i am just a LET SAY visitor here
he he
also STATIC say that i am agressive and look at his post?
beep...beeep heh he!

It looks to me that few guys from qb64net forum cannot swalow a fact
that THIS forum is not qb64net forum and that some of us like me
are not part of qb64 fan group...
etc... etc....

basicPro forum:
EU Radioboard forum:
AurelSoft main site:
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06-24-2017, 08:35 AM
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RE: Can Anyone Break this Code I Invented :) 18-06-2015
Thanks for the 'heads up'. Much appreciated. I just hope things will finally settle down as soon as is possible...

In regards to the 'demos'... already into those puppies... My biggest difficulty is that it's been a looong time since I've use qb... the brain is still wired for sdlbasic... but that's ok... after all isn't, that what the help files are for? lol

Good luck with the 'clean up'.


May your journey be free of incident.

Live long and prosper.
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